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Below you will see some super helpful links … the first is an Ebook to help you work out the best place for the ceremony if you haven’t already got that in mind.

Then we have the Notice of intended marriage – which we will sign together but you are welcome to begin filling out. This is the notice required 30 days prior to your wedding day.

The Happily Ever before and after pamphlet is supplied by the Australian Government and is something I am required to give you by law, you can access it here at anytime and I will also provide a hard copy for you.

The last one are forms we will fill in together for the ceremony. I like to be upfront, honest and open so you know exactly what forms you will be signing and how much paperwork is involved. Don’t worry or feel overwhelmed, I will help you do it all – in fact most of it I do for you.

I will be responding soon so we can arrange an appointment time, you will need the following documents for the appointment. (and don’t worry if you don’t have them all I can help with that too).

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Photo ID
  3. Passport if not a citizen
  4. Divorce certificate if previously married
  5. Death certificate if widowed