You found me…

So I guess I should share some things, first of all I am Not Your Average Celebrant. If lively, vibrant, fun, attentive and a little bit wacky was what your were looking for then WELCOME.

(if not – move along these are not the droids you are looking for)

  • Marriage Celebrant and Cake Enthusiast – that’s how I sign my emails, sometimes I add other stuff to see who reads the bottom bits.
  • May the 4th – is an awesome date for Star wars Fans – I will dress up for the occasion if asked.
  • Sun rises are under used and can have a softer light glow than a sun set, depending on location. Plus, you can find bustling streets empty and busy tourist spots all to yourself.
  • You can get married just about anywhere and people do. Lounge rooms, roof tops, back yards, mountain tops, Parks, bus stops, and your favorite climbing tree to name a few. Wherever brings YOU joy and has meaning to you, is best.
  • If you want to get married on a Monday morning you can and 3 things will happen. 1. you will get lot’s of supplier discounts 2. your guest list will be reduced to only those who really, really want to be there 3. Mondays will always be a bit special for you both.
  • I do ALL weddings for ALL people because I believe wedding ceremonies were made for us to celebrate us and the love we share.
  • The environment is not something we can afford to take from. Let’s take care of our surroundings and be more conscious of how we care for it, at the biggest party we will ever host. Wasteless Weddings are a thing I can help you with. Download my Ebook – How to Wedding.
  • I do give refunds – just not back to you. I give 50% of any cancelled booking to charity. Mostly to My Wedding Wish. A non for profit organisation that assists cancer patience and other individuals achieve their wedding goals. The rest goes to my own administration and lodgement costs.

Here are a few images of me doing wedding ceremonies and things. Full disclosure… I take selfies and will take at least one at your wedding unless requesting UNPLUGGED.

Lee-Anne Phillips-Steele  recommends Katrina Lee Marriage Celebrant.

25 July · 

Katrina went above and beyond with making our special day so beautiful I’d definitely recommend her to anyone!

Kimberley Fort
  recommends Katrina Lee Marriage Celebrant.

18 March · 

Katrina is incredibly attentive and dedicated. She was so warm, professional and supportive. She went above and beyond for us on our special day and we are incredibly grateful. Thank you!