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Not Your Average Marriage Celebrant

You found me…

Hello friend,

I am not sure if you have noticed yet but, I am Not Your Average Celebrant. If lively, vibrant, fun, attentive and a little bit wacky was what your were looking for then WELCOME.

I do ceremonies ALL OVER AUSTRALIA. I am not stuck to any particular region. So if you are out by the black stump or camped up at the Nullarbor, I got you. Same with every other location in between. I go ANYWHERE.

All the pending couples that meet the Marriage Act 1961 requirements to marry are my potential clients and I am authorised to solemnise marriages all over Australia in all states and territories. So I DO. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • You only need two witnesses over the age of 18yrs and “sound of mind” to be in attendance. They don’t have to be related to you or each other but they can be. (so crazy uncle Larry may not be your best choice if he is actually crazy)
  • You need to provide originals of birth certificates or passports, Divorce certificates and photo ID.
  • Most Celebrants provide the Official Marriage certificate but some don’t. This service is included in all my packages but some celebrants charge extra. Neither party can change their name without it.
  • As a celebrant it is my duty to make sure your ceremony is bespoke and created solely for you, not a templated copy or “fast service ceremony”. While I do provide simple vows and shortened ceremonies, if you attended all my ceremonies you will find they will all be different. No carbon copy ceremony is legally allowed.
  • I provide a decorative certificate on the day that has a unique number. Each certificate is only ever issued once and from then on a copy can be given but never the original again. This is why keeping it safe is super important. I usually leave it with a responsible person after the ceremony (like ya mum).
  • You can marry just about anywhere. There are certain sacred Aboriginal sites in Australia where special permission and permits are required for ceremonies and others where ceremonies are not allowed at all. If in doubt – just ask. I always stay up to date on these areas and who to get permission from. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Welcome to country is not a requirement but, it is respectful. Especially in certain areas of our beautiful country and while I don’t include it unless requested, I am always happy to add it in to the ceremony. Just ask.
  • I travel anywhere AT COST – my travel costs and accommodation are not always the same because flights, fuel and hotel costs can vary. I don’t book 5 star hotels and I don’t fly business class unless it’s necessary (due to availability). I quote exactly what I pay because I believe you are already paying me to be there for you, why would I charge you twice. If you have options to suggest of accommodation or flights that are cost effective I am always open to discuss them. I do not however “bunk in” with family or friends due to legal reasons. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • VOWS – there are certain vows that have to be said however, you can add in whatever you like. (as long as it isn’t implicating or incriminating either yourself or your fiance in a crime). Like, I love you more than bacon and promise to always share my crispy bits.
  • I absolutely love being a marriage celebrant and occasionally I do it for FREE – usually for the terminally ill or those in hardship. Please message me if you need financial assistance or have a friend in need. I am always open to hearing you out.


Lee-Anne Phillips-Steele  recommends Katrina Lee Marriage Celebrant.

25 July ยท 

Katrina went above and beyond with making our special day so beautiful Iโ€™d definitely recommend her to anyone!

Kimberley Fort
  recommends Katrina Lee Marriage Celebrant.

18 March ยท 

Katrina is incredibly attentive and dedicated. She was so warm, professional and supportive. She went above and beyond for us on our special day and we are incredibly grateful. Thank you!

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