2020 – it’s the 20’s again

I am starting 2020 with an amazing line up of weddings and the first is at the ever growing, ever amazing WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL

Take advantage of the fact that I will already be there and have the Woodfordia wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Imagine the festivities and joy as you and your guests immerse yourselves in the wonderland that is Woodfordia. 

Want to know how to tie the knot at the festival?

You need the Notice Of Intended Marriage filed first and we only have a small window to get it done, but never fear, because I have it all lined up for you.

If you miss the window of opportunity don’t worry we can still achieve the Woodford Wedding you desire.

  1. Book your tickets too  Woodford Folk Festival
  2. Get in contact with me via Booking Form or Contact Katrina or call 0432045581
  3. File the NOIM  (we will achieve this together)
  4. Choose your ceremony (I will email you options)
  5. Choose your special #Woodfordia location, date and time
  7. Arrange your followup appointment with me to finalize

I bet you’re thinking – that’s going to cost us a fortune. BUT you are wrong

$300 for a marriage ceremony at #Woodford ($350 with name change)

$250 for a Commitment ceremony at Woodford

$150 to legalize a commitment ceremony after Woodford ($400 in total with the two ceremonies plus there may be travel costs depending on second location, includes name change)

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