April – May 18

What a year so far. I have managed to travel most of QLD and visit some amazing places. Some really lovely ceremony spots exist in the most unusual places.

I had a birthday and spent most of April at home catching up with family and arranging my party. Always fun because life is what you make it and celebrating a birthday is really important. Even if it is cake under stars with someone you love. Moments are important.

Magic moments though are “extra” and it’s that extra that I live for. April was consumed with making this particular moment special with great pleasure, I was able to assist a couple in getting engaged. We created a secret flashmob that performed at South bank and the beautiful Jess proposed to her girlfriend Savanna. The song chosen was ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ from the lion King and we acted a little skit with a ribbon dance that was simple enough for the public picnic goers to follow.  Unfortunately, the wind picked up and blew the sound back in our faces so they didn’t hear much of the music but other than that it went very well. Jess was nervous but did an amazing job and Savanna was smitten. Together they make a beautiful couple and a wonderful family. It was definitely EXTRA magic and a moment I don’t think any of us will forget.

So how could it get better? well it just simply couldn’t but I did hit different.

I headed to the Maritime Museum which has an amazing spot for a ceremony and reception if your thing is, boats, ships, navy or just old stuff this is the place for you. They cater, they are great with service and they don’t cost the earth or your first born to hire.

Just one of the many hidden gems at South bank. The cocktail soiree I attended was great and would have been so good for a wedding it’s criminal that it was just for Anywhere Theatre Festival Launch. Just kidding oh and incidentally come see my show Dr who meets Dorothy. It’s on 24th/25th May in Ipswich. 😀


Photo by Weekend notes qld. http://www.maritimemuseum.com.au

I managed to score a sweet gig s an MC for a beautiful lady Wendy Louise who runs a shop in the brisbane arcade as a Milliner. If you need a hat/fascinator/jewellry or just to have a great chat and some cones this is the lady to visit. It was a wonderful day and I got to wear one of her wonderful creations, this one is my fav. 😀

So my next adventure was to Rockhampton for beef week and a quaint ceremony at a lovely secret spot with a camera shy couple. Beef week was amazing and there were so many beef farmers, equipment, workshops and other stuff going on it really is something every qld’r should experience.

and I’m home again waiting for my next adventure on May 26th – Nina and Ken get married. Then 2nd June a baby naming and July 7th Canberra wedding. 😀

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